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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Agape Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Agape Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

It is always good to thank the Lord for his immeasurable blessings on all of us. I want to thank the Lord for the Second Agape Community Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a success. About 78 people from the community, apart from our church family, were served delicious hot meals. I want to thank the Lord for Sister Gale Welch who coordinated the entire event. I want to most especially thank the Lord for our Louisiana trained and extraordinaire Chef. Leroy Crump and his wife, Sister Ebidoere Crump, that cooked about a dozen turkeys, including the mashed potato and gravy that we served today. You need to taste the food to appreciate the hard work that they put into this. They cooked the food passionately and professionally. We shall be eternally grateful to this couple. They are an integral part of our church family.

I also want to thank God for our church members who either donated towards the event or were present today to be of support. The Akinleye’s, The Thomas’, The Durunna’s, The Ojewole’s, The Ortega’s,  Sister Lilian Ademola, Brother Robert Wilson, Brother Kraig Kecheley, Sister Jean Nicol, Brother John Nicol, Tim & Debbie Gettman, and Brother Sonny Oyobio.

Some people outside of our church family supported the entire process either in cash or in kind. They include Mr. Emmanuel Ogunleye, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Adebayo and Deaconness Elizabeth Uche. We shall be eternally grateful to all of them for their kind gestures. The success of this event is attributed ultimately to God and secondarily to these men and women whom God used to make it happen.

Please see the link below for some of the pictures taken at the even today. We were conscious of people’s privacies as the pictures were taken.

On the whole, I want to thank God for everything that happened today.

It must be noted that when an event like this takes place, it is possible for one to focus on the turnout rather than the ministry that was done. I will focus on the latter. Anyone with a ministry mindset will only focus on the lives that are touched and not on the numbers of people served. That we are able to be of blessings to small children and families brings me an exceeding joy. The Bible says Matthew 10:42 And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."
We should never despise the days of small beginnings. It shall be bigger than this next year in Jesus name.

One of the additional focuses that we should have next year is to set some turkeys aside for giveaways to the community. We did that last year and a lot of those who received the food basket returned to participate in the thanksgiving dinner. We have received a lot of phone calls from people in the community asking us for donation of turkeys. God willing, we shall do more during the Christmas season.

If anyone will like to donate towards our gifts for the community during the coming Christmas season, such a person can email me at pastor@agapebfm.org or send me a mail at: Agape Bible Fellowship, 605 West Madill Street, Antioch, CA 94509.
It is well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

John Ojewole
Brentwood, California
November 19, 2011