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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am still overwhelmed with yesterday's move. It was a big move. You never know how much belongings you have until you are relocating from one location to the other. We came to 605 W. Madill, Antioch in November 2009 with less properties. But we left with a lot of stuff. It is amazing how quick we accumulate things. 

Yesterday's move out event was so hectic. But I was encouraged by the presence of some of our church members who were on hand to help with the moving. I know that many of our Agape members could have helped yesterday but Monday is not the best day for most people due to their work schedule. Most of our parishioners have been involved in the Saturday packing for the past 4 weeks. I will be eternally grateful to everyone of you. 

Yesterday, the following members did outstanding job in the final move out. They are: Brother Daniel, Sister Peace, Sister Gale, Sister Ebidoere, Sister Lilian, Brother Michael, Sister Alice. Also, someone worked behind the scene. That person is Brother Leroy, our renown and acclaimed chef from New Orleans, who prepared some delicious chickens for us with the support of his wife, sister Ebi. Those chickens were tender, tasty and palatable. I will be eternally grateful to all of them for their outstanding job.

The move out process started around 10:00am yesterday morning. We were there at the premises till around 8:30pm last night. But that was not the end of everything. Some members of the group went to my residence to deliver some of the church office properties. They were in my home till around 9:45pm last night. Wow, brother Michael and Brother Dan were amazing. These guys are godsent. Wehn we were all done at my residence, brother Dan and I went to the Uhaul office to drop the truck. Brother Dan was the one driving the Uhaul truck. I took brother Dan to the former church premises (605 West Madill has become a former church premises) by sometimes around 11:15pm or so. Why? Because all along, his automobile was packed in front of the former church space.  

One of the things that made me happy is that we cleaned up the church space and returned the property to the new owner better than the way we met it in November 2009. We handed the keys of the premises to the new owner late last nigh. It is very sad that the we could not take the audio-visual center that we built with us. But I know that we will have something much more better when we move to our permanent church edifice. 

Through it all, I have many more reasons to thank the Lord for his grace and mercy. See some of the pictures taken yesterday here below....