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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Please be advised that I did not do much editing of this blog. Please bear with me.

It’s been three days already since this event started. We have been loaded with a lot of rich and spiritual information. Today’s event started with a boot camp prayer at 5amm, followed by morning prayer from 6am till 7:am. We have a lot of great men and women of God on the program to talk to us today. The first of the speakers were Dr. Jim Garlow, Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego and Eric Stanley, Senior legal counsel for Alliance Defense fund. Both opened our eyes to the misconstrued information about the separation of church and state and the non-profit clause dating back to 1954. Dr. Jim Garlow, encouraged pastors to be bold and to stand by the truth. He shared with us about the courageous people in both biblical and church history. He encouraged pastors to join on the annual pulpit freedom Sunday. The next one is October 7, 2012. He believes very strongly that the church should not be controlled by any outside powers. He encouraged the pastors to speak and stand by the truth without being afraid of the legal recourse. The alliance defense fund is available to legally bail any pastor out if they are being intimidated for speaking the biblical truth or confronting the ills of our society.
As usual, Charles Billingsley, the worship leader of Thomas Road Baptist Church of Lynchburg, Virginia, led in an inspiring worship time.
Let me share with you the summation of what the other speakers spoke about:
1.   Dr. Jim Garlow of skyline Wesleyan church in San Diego, encouraged pastors to stand for the truth on the pulpit. He states that the pulpits of our churches in America should not be constraint from speaking the truth. 

2.   Anne Graham Lots, the daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham shared the following with us: She read from Isaiah 21: 11. She states that time is very important. In Matthew 16, Jesus told the religious leaders that they don’t understand the time. She asked us to look at Matthew 24. She asserts that human history has a beginning and human history will have an end. That is when Jesus will come back to earth. What can we know about the end of time? She talks about the signs of the end time tagging her message on the Matthew 24 passage. She talks about certain categories that would point to end time. They include
·        1.spritual category Matthew 24:5 false Christ
·        national category verse 6
·        environment category
·        Indifference to god. verse 3-7-39
·        Spiritual deception.
·        global category 32-34
Finally she advised all pastors to:
a.   wake up and watch verse 42
b.   We must be people of integrity.
c.   Preach the word—don’t preach opinions but God's word.

3.   Rev. Doug Small spoke on the Pastor and His Prayer Life. He indicates that the pastor must realize that we are in a battle about the future of our nation. And we need to stand in the gap and pray for our nation.  He read from 2 kings 2

4.   Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. spoke on The Pastor Impacting Public Policy through Preaching. He shared with us about a message he preached on the Mother’s day in response to President Obama’s gay marriage approval. He indicates that gay marriage is a destruction of motherhood. He read from Matthew 23:37.

5.   Dr. Mark Harris, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina spoke on the Call to do something.
He read from Nehemiah 2:17-18. Using the story of Nehemiah, he challenged pastors to get up and do something to change our world.
Here are some pointers in Nehemiah’s life that he wanted us to realize:
1. Nehemiah saw the destruction. He recognized the problem and pointed it out.

2. Nehemiah recognized the hand of God all over his life. He told the people to surrender to the hand of god.
3. Nehemiah led the people to seize the day. He asked them to rise and build.
Pastor Mark Harris advised the pastors to do the following:
A. be conspicuous.
B. is consistent. Consistently standing firm on the word of God.
C. be contagious. Who is the last person that is so infected by your passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Finally, Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council spoke on the Commission.
He quoted President Ronald Reagan who said that   “freedom and security goes together.” He states that it is truth that brings freedom and it must be advanced.
Reading from Acts 4:1-ff, he challenged pastors as follows:
·        First, speak and proclaim the truth. He states that a watchman must proclaim the truth even when it is unpopular. John 8:32. He quoted Dr. Adrian Rogers who once said: “it is better to be divided by truth than to be united by error.” He states that in john 15 Jesus warned us about hate from the world.
·        Truth must be advanced. How to advance the truth?
A. be bold in your witness. Verse 13.

B. Be convincing in their acts. The disciples have the benefit of walking with Jesus before. They have been with Jesus. We must have a prayer life.  If we don’t fall on our knees in prayer we shall end up with despair.
C. Be undeniable in your presentation of the fact. We need to begin to minister to the real needs of people. A child that grows up in an intact family does well.
D. Be prayerful. We have to be powerful with our prayer acts 4:29.
He satiates that “God is not planning an exit strategy; he plans for us to advance.”
Toward the end of the speech, Tony Perkins states that never again in America will a pastor stand alone. If any pastor needs help anywhere in the US, he promised to be there to fight for the truth.
He states that there is a hunger for the truth of God in our world today.
At the end of his speech, he commissioned the Pastors that have agreed to join the Watchmen on the Wall Movement. He then prayed for everyone. It must be noted that Watchmen on the Wall was coined from Isaiah 62:6 that says:  I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest,”
This event is worthwhile. When you see the volume of spiritual heritage that this nation inherited from its founding fathers, you will understand why some, even though in the minority, are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve this heritage from being destroyed. I stand by fully by this movement.
Please see some of the pictures taken at the event here below: