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John is the under-shepherd of Agape International Church & Ministries Inc, Antioch, California and the President of Agape International Ministries Foundation, Inc (www.agapebfm.net) John has been a Preacher, Bible Teacher, Counselor and a mission-minded servant of God from 1984 till the present time. Married to Alice since 1987, he enjoys being a father to 2 sons and 1 daughter. He is available to preach, participate in evangelistic crusades and revivals, lead or participate in a Marriage Enrichment program internationally. John preaches on a weekly radio broadcast called "KNOW THE TRUTH" (Based on John 8:32)and the broadcast is aired every Sunday at Radio KDIA 1640AM. The broadcast is also accessible through the website of the radio station: www.kdia.com. You can follow him on twitter @agapebfm

Friday, January 1, 2016

TRAVELING ON A NEW ROAD--New Year's Eve Message



1.     Remember God’s Promises. 1-6.
Joshua 1:1-6; Numbers 23:19

 A.   God Will Give To Us Every Place We Set Our Foot. 

B. God Shall Enlarge Our Territory.

C. No one will able to stand against us

D. God will never leave you nor forsake you. 

E. They shall possess their possessions.

2. Recognize God’s Precept  7b-8,
Joshua 1:7-8
A. Obey The Law Of God

B. Keep Your Focus In The Law Of The Lord. 
C. Meditate On The Law Of The Lord Continuously. Psalm 1:2

D. Do What Is Written In The Law Of The Lord.
E. The Result Of This Kind Of Program Includes Prosperity And Success.

3. Rely on God’s Presence.
 Joshua 1:5c , 7, 9;  Matthew 28:20

Courage is the  “quality of mind with a place among the cardinal virtues, the opposite of cowardice,  In the NT, it sees every occasion as an opportunity for victory, rather than being a ‘grin and bear it resignation.’  It shows itself in patience, moral consistency and spiritual faithfulness.”--New Bible Dictionary