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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ebenezer, “Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us”

Ebenezer, “Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us”
1 Samuel 7:12 (NKJV)  12 Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen, and called its name Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

Psalm 118:23 (NKJV)

23   This was the Lord’s doing;

It is marvelous in our eyes.

If I have a thousand tongues, it is not enough to express my gratitude to God. God proved to me once again that he answers prayers. The Grand finale of the revival service at Ife Oluwa Baptist Church, Kaduna, Nigeria was successful, beyond my imagination. I want to thank the Lord for my prayer warriors at Agape Bible Fellowship, Antioch, for lifting me up in prayers all along. I could not have done anything without their prayers.

The service today was massive both spiritually and numerically. I was told that when the church space was filled to capacity, about a hundred people sat outside the sanctuary. The secretary of the church and the Pastor of the church gave me the statistics for the week and it blew me away. I was humbled. Only God could have done this. The record given to me by the secretary and church pastor is as follows:


·       Sunday Evening—332 people

·       Monday—340 people

·       Tuesday—379 people

·       Wednesday—450 people

·       Thursday—615 people


·       Salvation—22 people

·       Baptism—15 people

·       Call to Ministry—3 People

·       Prayer Request—82 people

Psalm 118:23 (NKJV)

23   This was the Lord’s doing;

It is marvelous in our eyes.

The congregants love the word of God and prayer. They were so attentive and receptive throughout the revival services. It’s been a long time since I preached with an interpreter. I did that during this revival service.

The title of the message today is: DIVINE INTERVENTION. I have about four points. First, the requirement for divine intervention. Second, intervention in the life of the widow of Zarephath(1Kings 17). Third, the Radical intervention in the life of the lame at the pool of Bethesda. (John 5). Fourth, the restorative intervention of God in the life of a man that was possessed with evil spirit. (Mark 5).

I was humbled and amazed to see how appreciative the congregants were. One of the congregants sang a farewell song for me. Many of them came out to bid me farewell at the end of the service. In fact, one of the congregants surprised with an artistic portrait of me which he drew. He framed it and presented it to me. The name of the man is Sunday. He is one of the people who answered the call to ministry. I will treasure this gift for the rest of my life.

The service has ended, but I am sure that the restoration and revivals in the life of the people have just begun. I will continue to lift them up in prayers. At the end of the service, I gave out many of Pastor Ray Pritchard’s book: Anchor for the Soul to the new believers and those who rededicated their lives to Jesus.

The people did not want me to leave and I did not want to leave them. But I have to move one. My mountain-top experience at Kaduna has been enriching and spiritually uplifting. But I have to go down the valley of service as there are more people who needed my ministry out there. It was a painful departure.

I will post the link to the pictures on my blog as soon as the upload is completed. The internet is very slow here. And sometimes, there are a lot of interruptions. But, such is life.

I will depart from Kaduna Friday to a secluded place in Lagos. I will stay overnight Lagos before heading for Ibadan on Saturday. I need some rest and relaxation. That is why I want to have some personal quietness for one night, away from everything else.

Please pray for me as I start another revival in Ibadan this Sunday. It is well!!!


Kaduna, Northern Nigeria