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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally, Brethren

Finally, Brethren
(2 Cor 9:15 NIV) Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
This evening marks the end of the two weeks revival services that I specifically came to Nigeria for. The exercise started about two weeks ago when I conducted a week-long revival service at Ife Oluwa Baptist Church in Kaduna.

The revival service at Idikan First Baptist Church, Ibadan started last Sunday. It has been a very inspiring week. I love everything that God did throughout this event. As mentioned earlier, we prayed concerning rain and throughout this event rain did not disturb any of the services. To God be the glory. The attendance tonight was beyond my imagination. The whole lower level of the church was packed while there was overflow congregants at the upper level of the church. I don’t have the precise figure. But I sensed that it was a very huge number.

The grand finale of the revival at Idikan First Baptist Church was very powerful. I will share some pictures and video clips when I return to the US. The message tonight is titled: A Breakthrough Miracle. The passages used are: 1 Kings 17:1-16; Mark 5; John 5:1-9. The points include: Healing breakthrough, Provisional Breakthrough, Restorative breakthrough. Many people responded to the invitation to commitment. Some of them made decisions to become a Christian rededicate their lives, and some requested for prayers. During a special invitation in keeping with one of the emphasis of the sermon, 5 women came out indicating that they are tired of life. They were prayed for. But I am requesting for their names so that we can continue to pray for them as well. At the end of the service, I gave copies of Pastor Ray Pritchard’s Anchor for the Soul to all the new converts and those who indicated that they were tired of living. The pastor of the church will follow up on these people while I will continue to keep them in my prayers.

The pastor of the Church, Rev. Dr. Steve Ogunbode and the church leadership surprised me with a birthday gift and a birthday song towards the end of the service tonight. I was so moved such that I nearly cry. It was amazing how appreciative the pastor and the entire church are to my coming to their church for the revival.

These are wonderful folks. They are friendly and hospitable. I will never forget my time with them. They will always occupy a special spot in my heart. I will miss them. But I have to go.

The church here plans on taking me to the airport on Friday. Hoping to be back in the US this weekend, God willing.

I thank God for his mercies, his protection, his anointing, intervention and his presence. To Him alone is the glory for ever and ever.

John Ojewole
Ibadan, Nigeria
October 20, 2011